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Historical sightseeing spots along the Turkish west coast

Discover Dikili’s surrounding on your own


Night market – 0,7 km

Dikili’s night market is located within walking distance to the Cityhomes Dikili. Its booths open at 9 pm every evening during the summer. Local marketeers offer their products such as dishes, cloth, shoes, books and much more. After a satisfying shopping trip you can indulge yourself with delicious ice cream or local snacks at one of the food stands.

farmers market

Farmer’s market – 0,3km

A farmer’s market with local products takes place near the Cityhomes Dikili holiday villas every Thursday from May till October. Fresh fruits and vegetables, locally produced cheese, home-made pickles and flavourful spices are offered.

Asiklar waterfall

Aşıklar Waterfall – 10 km

A small street which is connected to the highway leads to the Aşıklar Waterfall. Passing a natural finished garden and a small café you can walk a few stairs down to the foot of the waterfall. This is where you can take a small break, drink a coffee or a refreshment and enjoy a beautiful environment. Walking and hiking trails starting directly at the café leading into the forest of Nebiler in Dikili, where you walk along small streams in untouched nature.





kalem island

Bademli / Kalemli island – 10 km

In the small town Bademli is a hidden private road to a car park with a landing stage for the Kalemli island. With a reservation you can be driven by shuttle boat to the small hotel island and stay on the private beach for a day.







Bergama city and the archaeological excavation of Pergamon – 40km

Pergamon is located on a high plateau and its hillside so that you can see Pergamon already from the distance. The modern centre of Bergama stretches at the foot of the plateau. In the streets ofthe city centre you can find small handicraft shops and historical buildings. In order to reach the archaeological excavation, you either take the cable car and enjoy the view over the city or you drive by car uphill to the sightseeing spot. In Pergamon you can still imagine as a visitor how the city was built because of the well-preserved ruins. From the seats of the amphitheatre on the hillside you have a wide view of the stage, the valley and the green nature.




Dikili city

Dikili city centre – 13 km

Apart from shopping possibilities in the city centre of Dikili, the promenade and the weekly farmer’s market invites for a shopping tour. Typical local dishes are served in restaurants along the promenade where guests have a nice view of the sea or in modern restaurant in the city centre. You can take one of the small busses to the city centre which stops every 30 minutes in the development area where the Cityhomes Dikili are situated.


Ayvalik beach

Ayvalιk – 26 km

North of Dikili is the port Ayvalιk located with small stores and shopping streets in the city centre.

In Ayvalιk the Greek ferries are landing which are crossing to Lesbos / Midilli daily.




Troja – 169 km

The Unesco world heritage Troy can be visited on a day trip. Apart from the 5000 years old archaeological excavation and the attached national park, the Troy museum opened in the year 2018. It is exhibited the trojan history in a modern exhibition on 3000 m.





Assos – 125 km

A visit of the ancient City of Assos can be easily combined with a visit of the trojan ruins, because it is situated en route. Today there is a small costal village named Behramkale on the place where once Assos was located. The acropolis, the city wall and the Athena temple are well preserved and open for visitors all-season.





Ephesos – 198 km

Ephesos takes its visitor on a journey to the antiquity, when Ephesus was one of the biggest and most significant cities of Asia Minor. Ephesus with the Celsus library, the ruins of the Hadrians temple, the ancient fountains and the large amphitheatre belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. Further it held with the temple of Artemis one of the Seven wonders of the world.




map Dikili region

Distances from Cityhomes Dikili

Ruines of Troy 169 km
Assos 125 km
Ida Mountain Nationalpark 101 km
Edremit Airport 64 km
Ayvalιk 26 km
Mytilene 31 km
Aşıklar Şelalesi 10 km
Pergamon 40 km
Çandarlι Castle 32 km
Izmir 129 km
Ephesos 198 km
Çeşme 223 km